Overcoming Summer Procrastination

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to take advantage of the great weather! However, squeezing everything you need and want to do during the short-lived season can be overwhelming. It’s easy to ignore your responsibilities and fall into the habit of only wanting to do fun summer activities. Procrastination is a habit. And like most habits, the more you indulge in it, the stronger it becomes. If you want help on maintaining a healthy balance of work and play, I’ve put together a few tips on overcoming procrastination this summer!

Wake Up Early

Take advantage of the early daylight and get out of bed a bit sooner. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual and get a jump on your most challenging or important projects. As most people will still be asleep, there will be fewer interruptions, whether it’s calls from colleagues about work, or friends and family looking to distract you with some fun. And, if you really want to get a solid jump on your productivity, go for a morning walk or run. When I have an important day ahead of me, I wake up early and go for a light run to get motivated. It wakes your brain up and it’s great exercise.

Gamify Your System

After a weekend of summer fun, the start of the week can be a real drag. You might feel guilty if you don’t start eating healthy or applying yourself at work. However, you can apply gamification to your life to keep you motivated. Gamification simply uses mechanics in a non-game context to reward you for completing tasks. It takes something that already exists – folding your laundry, cleaning the dishes, exercising – and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation and engagement by making it fun. You can reward yourself with an episode of your favorite show after completing a task or even use apps to take it to the next level. I recommend Habitica. Habitica is free for both iOS and Android and it uses the principles of a role-playing game to help motivate you. Just like in a role-playing game, you have a health bar and stats. Completing a task can help you upgrade your stats or earn other rewards like gold, armor and equipment, and even real-life rewards. Failing to complete a task can reduce your health, stats or set you back in your narrative.

Even When Small, Take Care Of It All

If a task presents itself and you can complete it in ten minutes or less, take care of it right away. Small assignments the most vulnerable of being buried in the workflow. Because you know it’s fairly simple to complete, it’s easy to put off for later. However, after spending time and energy on larger projects, you can lose motivation for even the most simple of tasks. Completing tasks feels good! Scratch a small project off of your itinerary and move onto a larger project with a positive attitude!

Create Your Budget

Managing your money is one of the easiest things to put off. Money can be extremely difficult to talk about, but it’s important that you fully understand your finances. Procrastination is the last thing that should be associated with your money – it can lead to late payments, fees and missed opportunities. Get proactive about your finances by creating a budget and sticking to it. Reach out to your credit union or myself, and we’ll do our absolute best to get you on the right track!

How do you overcome procrastination? I’d love to know!

Take care,